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Welcome to DeHouse

Unlock the power of real estate investments with DeHouse’s innovative staking platform. Our unique approach allows you to earn passive income without the complexities of property management. By staking your crypto assets, you can co-invest in professionally managed properties and enjoy the benefits of the lucrative real estate market.

How Staking Works

1. Choose a Property

Browse our curated portfolio of premium real estate properties. Each listing provides comprehensive details, including location, projected returns, tokenization information, and more. Our diverse selection ensures you find an investment that aligns with your financial goals.

2. Stake Your Crypto Assets

Once you've selected a property, you can stake your crypto assets by purchasing tokens associated with that property. Each token represents a fraction of the property’s ownership, entitling you to a share of the rental income and appreciation.

How to Stake:

  • Select Property: Click on the desired property from the portfolio.

  • Choose Tokens: Specify the number of tokens you wish to purchase.

  • Stake Crypto: Confirm the purchase via email and complete your transaction by sending USDT or paying with your available balance.

3. Earn Monthly Returns

Your investment generates passive income based on the number of tokens you own. Monthly returns are distributed automatically, derived from property rental income and other managed services.

Income Distribution:

  • Rental Income: Proportional share based on token ownership.

  • Additional Services: Income from property management, maintenance fees, etc.

  • Monthly Payouts: Returns are sent to your crypto wallet every month.

4. Enjoy Flexibility and Liquidity

Unlike traditional real estate investments, DeHouse’s tokenized approach offers exceptional flexibility and liquidity. You can easily manage your investments and trade your tokens on secondary markets whenever you need to.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy Management: Track and manage your investments through our reports

  • Secondary Market: Trade or sell tokens in the secondary market

  • No Hassle: Enjoy the benefits of real estate investment without dealing with property management or maintenance.

Why Stake with DeHouse?

Secure and Transparent

  • Blockchain Technology: Transactions are secured and transparent, ensuring trust and reliability.

  • Smart Contracts: Automated processes reduce the risk of errors and enhance compliance.

Professional Management

  • Expert Team: Our properties are managed by a team of real estate professionals with extensive experience.

  • Regular Updates: Receive regular updates on property performance and market conditions.

Community and Support

  • Investor Community: Connect with other investors, share insights, and collaborate on investment opportunities.

  • Customer Support: Our dedicated support team is here to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Ready to Stake?